Horrible nightmare last night, with many flares being thrown onto a football pitch and the players in the centre getting badly burnt.

37 years

Feb. 3rd, 2013 10:31 am
It's 37 years since my father died. Horrid how all the bad memories of that time come flooding back.
We had about a cm of snow on Friday, most of which has melted. refrozen and melted again and so diminished.

I had a very strange dream last night. I had some sort of job in a kitchen where I eventually got fed up with the washing up and walked out. Then I found a couple of small gold ingots and a silver coin the size of a digestive biscuit with the apparent value of 18 US dollars. Bizarre.


Jan. 13th, 2013 09:57 am
I assume that tv and radio schedules are planned weeks in advance,but excellent timing this weekend with Scott of the Antarctic on tv and The Snow Queen on radio as the first flakes of snow hit the south east of England.

I seem to have a slight cold at the moment, minor symptoms so far. Last night dreamt of making mountains of toast?
Two recalled dream sections last night. First a Truman show style environment where we were trying to convince a spy that he's in a sophisticated city with a complex industrial landscape, then Richard Feynman came into my bedroom and served me breakfast.

Interesting item in the science news today, in that the accepted model of how neurons work in the brain has been shown to be flawed. So back to the drawing board on how we actually think.
Last night's dream found me and a rather attractive young lady driving round hairpins on presumably Scottish roads. For some reason others seemingly on holiday with us, assumed that we were married !
So welcome to my new dreamwidth blog. Hopefully, I'll update this one more often than previous entries.



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